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Butt-Turbo.com was created in 2007 to share our knowledge and experiences with other enthusiasts who are considering turbos. I hope the information here in this site will assist you with your turbo project.

Converting the GTX from normally aspirated to force inducted was done by normal guys working in the garage with creepers and floor jacks not a High Price Custom Car Builder with deep pockets that uses others ideas.  This wasn't a purchased kit and there weren’t any blueprints for this build. We used our friends and their own special skills to complete this project. I've documented in "The Build" section here on Butt-Turbo.com the trials and tribulations of engineering, building and installing a custom dual 66 mm rear turbo setup from scratch on my 1967 Plymouth GTX.

As we tune this turbo set-up, the results "Good or Bad" will be posted on the "Fine Tuning" page. I have also documented on the  "Suppliers" page all the suppliers we used for the components in this turbo build.


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